Why INTESOL Turkey ?

INTESOL is an internationally recognised institution in the field of TEFL/TESOL industry since 1993 and very experienced in delivering courses in local markets with INTESOL centres all around the world. INTESOL Turkey is run and managed by British English Board (BEB) which is based in the UK.

Why should you get your TESOL from INTESOL Turkey:


TESOL Certificate Verification

Our TESOL certificates can be easily verified with BEBVERIS (British English Board Verification System). Educational institutions can verify the authenticity of the TESOL certificate - you received from INTESOL Turkey - on www.bebveris.com. Thus, British English Board will be your online reference all around the world.

However, institutions can also ask for an official verification from the accrediting body - ALAP on https://alapuk.org/certificate-verification

INTESOL TESOL Certificate National Education Ministry Opinion Letter (M.E.B. Görüş Yazısı)


Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we want to support as much as we can.

You can deposit an initial amount of ₺795,- TRY and start the course on the same day. This will help you to plan your payments.

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For more info, text us on WhatsApp or call us on +90 (850) 2552 232.