Our graduates

We ask our students to write testimonials after they complete the course and below we share some of them with you

At first, I hesitated about online courses, but it was so easy, and whenever I had a question, my tutor, Mr M N Can replied almost immediately even at late hours. The support team was also terrific. I can keep writing, but you really have to see it for yourself. Many thanks to everyone who worked hard to maintain this fantastic course. Sincerely.

Omer V. from Istanbul, Turkey

I have accomplished all of the tests and I am appreciated that BEB gave me the chance to be an “English Teacher”. Not only they are helpful, they are also kind and always calm. They have always answered all of my questions with patience. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.

Pera Ezgi K. from Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Not even a month and a half, I am thrilled to let you know that, as an English teacher, I have signed on INTESOL Turkey's TESOL Course which is run by British English Board. In such a short time I can’t believe how far I have come. I really didn’t think this awesome career move would happen so quickly. Huge thanks to each of you, all you put into partner relationships for creating this awesome program and helping me improve myself into doing this work that I absolutely love. I am just where I dreamed of being and so thankful for the ways I was supported in making this dream reality. To my trainer M.N CAN for being so supportive and concerned with my work. British English Board, I am thankful and grateful to each one of you. Best decision I have ever made :-)

Catherine J. W. from Arnavutkoy, Istanbul, Turkey

It was a really enjoyable and productive process. My trainer was very friendly and helpful. Thanks for everything. I am an English teacher now! Thanks for all your guidance and patience. I hope everyone - who wants to be an English teacher like me - has a chance to meet you.

Merve T. E. from Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey

First of all, I want to highlight my sincere gratefulness to both the INTESOL team as well as the British English Board for their kindness and support throughout my training period. I appreciated every bit of your time and effort in achieving this goal. I want to thank my special trainer, Mr Can, for his special support and intensive training, and also Mr Martin, for his wonderful support and priceless motivation. The feedbacks and training assistance from these two people were amazing and priceless, and the whole board at large. I can't thank you enough, but I want you to know that I learnt a lot from you. Thank you so much.

Ibrahim A. Ahmed from Antalya, Turkey

I needed TESOL for my job prospects, and my fundamental concern was time. I wanted a course that would work at my fast pace and not bog me down with needless downtime. I'm glad that I went with INTESOL Turkey, my trainer was prompt in his checking and with providing me feedback. Their materials are comprehensive, and their help is only a message away. Thank you for all your help and assistance. I highly appreciate it.

S.Hammad M.S. from Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the wonderful INTESOL team and British English Board, they are all great people who help you out with anything you need. Also a special thanks to M.N.CAN, he is a very kind, nice and helpful trainer who I actually got to meet in person. I would recommend the course to whoever is looking forward to going further in their teaching career especially worldwide. Full of respectful discussions which is a great opportunity for sharing of ideas. Very well organised and excellent useful content. Keep up all the good work BEB. Thanking you all very much. Warm regards.

Ceylan B. from Antalya, Turkey

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the INTESOL team without which, I would have missed a lot. Special thanks to my trainer Mr.Can, who is knowledgeable and engaging. I would recommend the course to whoever is looking forward to going further in their teaching career. Excellent respectful discussion - great opportunity for sharing of ideas. Well-organised. Excellent useful content.

Radouane E. from Antalya, Turkey

I'm writing to thank you for guiding me through the TESOL program. I was kinda hesitant to do an online training as it was my first time but I'm really thankful to you for all your support and feedback. I actually enjoyed doing tasks, that made me revise what I learnt years ago and also new patterns to teach English language. Once again, thanks tons! And loads of thanks to support team as well for being there to answer my queries, always :).

Saba S. from Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

I really enjoyed the course. I had a very friendly and helpful trainer. Course interface was user-friendly, I mostly logged in with my mobile. Now, I have started to work in a private school. I appreciate this course every day. I wish everyone a chance like mine.

Olga B. from Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey

First of all, I would like to thank you to all members of British English Board family for giving great assistance during my TESOL Course. After years passed with learning English, I thought I could teach English as well. So, I decided to get my TESOL certificate from British English Board. Online INTESOL course gave me an excellent opportunity to improve not only my existing English knowledge but also my teaching skills as well. The course is well developed; I really enjoyed and learned valuable information by carrying out all modules carefully and following great feedbacks of from my trainer. At the end of the course, I understood that learning English is totally different than teaching English. If you want to become a good English teacher, then you are in the right place, you found it. Thanks for all BEB!

Murat D. from Malatya, Turkey

The online TESOL course was very informative, and I particularly enjoyed being able to work through the modules at my own pace. I have recently completed the course. The online TESOL course is well developed; it gives you many key points and teaching methods. It takes hard work alone with determination. After this learning experience, I have many tools and required skill to be a successful English teacher. I really appreciated the detailed feedback from my tutor, M N CAN.
I am looking forward to applying for TESOL jobs!

Kardelen K. from Tekirdag, Turkey

I want to say how much I have enjoyed the TESOL course. The modules were exciting and useful, and I have learned a lot in a short time. I want to do another course at a higher level in future. My special thanks go to Mr Can for all those emails, precious advice and support.

Yasmin A. from Cairo, Egypt

After I had heard about the Intesol course, I did some research about the course. I realised that this course would give me some new opportunities and it will be a further step in my career. So, I started the course. In this course, I learned a lot. I repeated my grammar and learned teaching skills. It’s a very successful course. It’s an advantage that I have learned English as a third language. I know where the difficulties are in learning a new language; this is the reason why I can efficiently teach English. I loved the course; I will definitely recommend this course anyone who wants to become a good English teacher. I thank the INTESOL family for giving me such an opportunity. Finally, I want to thank my trainer M.N.CAN for his support, help, feedback and motivation. I have learned a lot from him. I want to go for another follow-up course.

Havva Y. from Antalya, Turkey